NBDE Dexterity Preparation Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What methods of payment do we accept?

    We support PayPal, major credit cards and pre-paid credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express as well as many debit cards that can be processed as credit

Program Overview

    • Our program is intended for internationally trained dentists seeking advanced standing programs in the US.
    • We acknowledge that all dentists are trained enough to drill and fill but we believe that with guidance from our instructors we can reach to do ideal work to allow you to compete in the highly competitive programs.
    • This is a 3 days course intended to improve your hand skills, perception of tooth preparation guide lines.

Program Goals

      • Improve hand skills and dexterity.
      • Strengthen the theoretical background for the dentists.
      • Improve critical thinking and self-evaluation.
      • Improve confidence and speed.

Workshop schedule
3 days course focusing on :

      • Saturday: Class II (Amalgam/composite) preparation lecture and hands on.
      • Sunday : Crown preparation (PFM, all Gold, all ceramic) lecture and hands on.
      • Rest of the week left for practice.
      • Sunday: Mock board class II prep and PFM prep, evaluation of your preparations during practice.

Teeth we will practice on

      • PFM # 8, 13, 30, 3.( changes might be applied depending on instructor’s preference).
      • Class II Amalgam preparation # 3 MO, 4 DO, 13 DO, 30 MO, 19 MO, 14 MOL.
      • Class II composite preparation # 29 DO, 20 DO, 5 MO, 12 MO

Please contact us at info@cshs.edu in order to obtain more information about the course and for enrollment details.