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We Believe in Lifelong Learning

California School of Health Sciences (CSHS) is one of the leaders in providing continuous education training, professional development classes, and certification courses at a national and international level. CSHS was founded in 1998 by a group of healthcare professionals with extensive clinical and inter-cultural experiences. CSHS believes in the lifelong process of active participation in learning activities to enhance professional practice. CSHS believes that learning is a continuous, dynamic, and interactive process that takes place in an atmosphere of mutual respect and helpfulness.

CSHS is proud of its board members which is compromised of healthcare professionals include PhD prepared members. CSHS faculties are highly trained, advanced specialists with master degrees from renowned educational institutions such as UCLA, UCSF, and Georgetown University.

CSHS Mission

As an accredited institution, CSHS’s mission is to provide quality-oriented educational programs that increase students’ knowledge, improve their skills, and foster critical thinking in an efficient, timely, and economical manner. While ensuring that its students are adequately prepared to transition to the professional field or academic institution of their choice, CSHS also strives to support hospitals, schools, and other healthcare facilities in California and throughout the world, by means of best-based and evidence-based practice, results-oriented training, and standardized academic development.