Oil and Gas Course

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The aim of this course is to fully provide the students with up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge in petroleum industries. Moreover, this course enables students to apply the knowledge they learned during this course in the real situations to improve their skills and enhance their performance.

This program aims:

  1. To integrate and teach petroleum industry skills for exploration, drilling, production , transportation and processing .
  2. To explain the basic geology properties as related to oil and gas reservoirs
  3. To provide the students with up-to-date quality products in petroleum industry .
  4. To develop knowledge needed to communicate with other specialists in oil engineering and geoscience.
  5. To ensure continued value to the energy industry.
  6. To provide the students with fundamentals in oil measurements
  7. Explain and discuss the pipeline design, construction, operations, maintenance, and control .
  8. Provide users with geological workflows to solve the most complex geological and modeling challenges.
  9. To discover the roles of the geoscientist in oil and gas field development.

Course duration 12 weeks.

Classes are forming now in Orange and LA County, please call us at 866-539-7081 or email us at info@cshs.edu